We can manage your early stage delinquencies more efficiently and cost effectively than you can yourself.

Our clients include:

  • home-owners with income unit or investment property
  • Small property owners; duplex, triplexes and quads
  • Large property management companies or individual property managers

Our approach to debt recovery allows us to resolve many cases without court intervention. We have extensive legal and collections expertise, and can help you with:


  • Recovering Outstanding Rent
  • Court attendance
  • Obtaining judgement
  • Register lien on assets
  • Garnish wages and bank accounts
  • Enforce eviction orders
  • Locate of Debtors

Locate a missing debtor
Having a court mandated judgment in your favour can’t help you if your former tenant has skipped town, and locating someone who does not want to be found is no small task.

With a combination of persistence, database expertise and serious legwork, we can help you track down even the most evasive debtors.

You don’t have to give up just because your tenant has gone into hiding, we can help you search.